Business growth is something we all want.  During startup, however, you have to balance your business growth rate with your ability to keep on top of the business launch. You don’t want to get overextended because that will cause you to cut corners and your future success may suffer.

Controlling the rate of business growth is difficult to do especially if you are moonlighting. In this situation you have so many more balls to juggle because you have work issues to deal with as well as business issues.  The key to effective business growth control is excellent organization and planning.

Micro manage for Business Growth Control

Put your total hours and tasks required into a spreadsheet 

Break down each of the tasks week by week 

Estimate the number of hours you will need for each item during the week

Add in some cushion time to deal with unanticipated issues

Add general administrative tasks, work and family responsibilities, and leisure time requirements into the spreadsheet as well 

This type of planning exercise will help you control your business growth because it will be easier to see if you are overextending yourself.  An overextended person is a stressed person and a stressed person is not an effective business manager.

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