10 Simple Ways You Can Build Your Audience Practically Immediately

by | Nov 2, 2019 | Autoresponders & Lead Nurturing, Branding & Messaging, Business Advice

To sell anything, you’ll need an audience. And as you probably know, an audience is just a group of people who are attracted to you and the value you offer.

It doesn’t have to be 10,000 people, but you should definitely start building your list/audience if you haven’t.

That means, collecting emails AND adding people to your community or group because this is the pool of people who will ultimately buy from you once they have come to know, like, and trust you.

This is such a powerful concept since it allows you to track, and indoctrinate your people before they are ever presented with an offer or opportunity.

Here at The Entrepreneur Advantage we are always collecting emails PLUS directing people back to our Facebook Group called “The Entrepreneur Advantage.
While we have been able to serve more than 15,320 clients to date, we know many of you are starting out. So we want to help!

Beyond the passive approach and general newsletter forms you should have on your website… here are 10 other ideas that will help you QUICKLY grow your audience!

  1. Challenges
    This one has been hot lately in a lot of niches and has been proven to have a strong potential for even going Viral! It’s simple… ask them to do something… challenging… (i.e. daily lives, daily tasks, committments!)
  2. Surveys
    Another hot one that seems to be working extremely well, but surveys have been used by insurance companies, health companies and other service-based businesses for YEARS! Ask tons of questions, then get their email so you can send them the answers. It’s a simple and effective way to prove your value to them AND guide them to your groups and products.
  3. Facebook Lives
    Not only is this a great way to get out there and define your audience with your Facebook Page, but this is also a great Group growth hack. If you host your livestreams inside your group, people have to join to access them. Consider also doing guest expert interviews or teaming up with other similar audiences!!
  4. Facebook Groups
    Per above, you use your content to invite people back into your Group. It’s the home for your most valuable content, and should be somewhat exclusive but culture oriented. This is where your ideal clients will love to hang out!
  5. Mastermind
    If you’re a coach at heart like me, running a mastermind is a great way to demonstrate your skills while building up customer trust & likability. Again though, it’s important to have a clear CTA on the backend of these appointments if they are going to be a part of your funnel. Consider pointing them to your products or affiliates in EACH class.
  6. Webinars
    Traditionally, these have been super effective, but in recent years, they’ve become much harder to pull off. Everyone knows now what a webinar is and what to expect. BUT that doesn’t they don’t work at all. If you know the right system & strategies, webinars are great!
  7. Training series
    This is another one of my personal favorites lately because of how practical it is to setup. It is also massively value-driven and allows you to map out hooks in your content to keep them coming back for days. Keep your Q&As to the end to increase engagement and value.
  8. Mini-courses
    Enrolling students into a mini-course is a great way to offer value and prove your concept while also building your list. Maybe you can break something down into a number of steps? You can also include an upsell for those eager to purchase your bigger better products.
  9. Checklists
    A great way to quickly exchange value are checklists. Just map out the best steps for something you’re able to do, give a little summary of each step along the way and you’ve got yourself a solid checklist. Bonus points for making it into a downloadable PDF.
  10. Guides
    You can re-purpose this as a blog post if you like. Make it’s in-depth, comprehensive and full of details. Guides are usually downloadable & make great lead magnets. Consider using Bloom to lock the content behind an opt in. We all have FAQs for our niche. So why not answer one of them in a really useful, branded way. Whip up the answer in the form of a PDF and watch your Ideal Students opt in to snag it.

If you do one (or many) of these every single day, your lists, leads, and sales will grow tremendously – there’s no doubt about it! If we can help at all, contact us or book a call here: https://theentrepreneuradvantage.com

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